Version: 2017.2
public void OnPreviewGUI (Rect r, GUIStyle background);


r プレビューを描画する矩形
background 背景イメージ


自身のカスタムのプレビューをインスペクター上のプレビューエリア、プライマリ Editor ヘッダーとオブジェクト選択ツールで作成するために実装します。

If you implement OnInteractivePreviewGUI then this will only be called for non-interactive custom previews. The overidden method should use the rectangle passed in and render a preview of the asset into it. The default implementation is a no-op.

Note: Inspector previews are limited to the primary editor of persistent objects (assets), e.g., GameObjectInspector, MaterialEditor, TextureInspector. This means that it is currently not possible for a component to have its own inspector preview.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class GameObjectEditorWindow: EditorWindow {

GameObject gameObject; Editor gameObjectEditor;

[MenuItem("Window/GameObject Editor")] static void ShowWindow() { GetWindow<GameObjectEditorWindow>("GameObject Editor"); }

void OnGUI() { gameObject = (GameObject) EditorGUILayout.ObjectField(gameObject, typeof(GameObject), true);

if (gameObject != null) { if (gameObjectEditor == null) gameObjectEditor = Editor.CreateEditor(gameObject);

gameObjectEditor.OnPreviewGUI(GUILayoutUtility.GetRect(500, 500), EditorStyles.whiteLabel); } } }

関連項目: OnInteractivePreviewGUI.