public void Apply (bool updateMipmaps= true, bool makeNoLongerReadable= false);


updateMipmaps true に設定すると、mipmap のレベルを再計算します。
makeNoLongerReadable true に設定すると、テクスチャのシステムメモリコピーを削除します。


SetPixel 関数と SetPixels 関数による変更を適用します

If updateMipmaps is true, the mipmap levels are recalculated as well, using the base level as a source. Usually you want to use true in all cases except when you've modified the mip levels yourself using SetPixels.

Apply is a potentially expensive operation, so you'll want to change as many pixels as possible between Apply calls.

関連項目: SetPixelSetPixels 関数

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public Cubemap c; void Example() { c.SetPixel(CubemapFace.PositiveX, 0, 0,; c.Apply(); } }