Version: 2017.1
public static SceneManagement.Scene OpenScene (string scenePath, SceneManagement.OpenSceneMode mode= OpenSceneMode.Single);


scenePath The path of the Scene. This should be relative to the Project folder; for example, "Assets/MyScenes/MyScene.unity".
mode 指定したシーンをどのように開くか、ヒエラルキーの既存シーンをそのままにするかを選択できます。オプションの詳細については OpenSceneMode を参照してください。


Scene 開いたシーンを指す参照



Use this function to open Scenes in the Hierarchy while in the Editor. This is useful for making custom Editor scripts, tools, or menu items. It is not intended to be used for loading Scenes at run time. To load Scenes at run time, see SceneManager.LoadScene.