public static bool Ready (Networking.NetworkConnection conn);


conn The client connection which is ready.


Signal that the client connection is ready to enter the game.

This could be for example when a client enters an ongoing game and has finished loading the current scene. The server should respond to the SYSTEM_READY event with an appropriate handler which instantiates the players object for example.

function Start()
    NetworkServer.Instance.RegisterHandler(MsgType.SYSTEM_READY, OnPlayerReadyMessage);

// On the client side function OnLevelWasLoaded() { Debug.Log("Finished loading " + Application.loadedLevelName); NetworkClient.Instance.Ready(); }

// On the server side function OnPlayerReadyMessage(conn : NetworkConnection, reader : NetworkReader) { // create the player object on the server GameObject thePlayer = SpawnPlayer(, "player");

// This spawns the new player on all clients NetworkServer.Instance.PlayerIsReady(conn, conn.player, "player"); }