public static Rect GetAspectRect (float aspect);
public static Rect GetAspectRect (float aspect, GUIStyle style);
public static Rect GetAspectRect (float aspect, params GUILayoutOption[] options);
public static Rect GetAspectRect (float aspect, GUIStyle style, params GUILayoutOption[] options);


aspect The aspect ratio of the element (width / height).
style An optional style. If specified, the style's padding value will be added to the sizes of the returned rectangle & the style's margin values will be used for spacing.
options An optional list of layout options that specify extra layouting properties. Any values passed in here will override settings defined by the style.
See Also: GUILayout.Width, GUILayout.Height, GUILayout.MinWidth, GUILayout.MaxWidth, GUILayout.MinHeight, GUILayout.MaxHeight, GUILayout.ExpandWidth, GUILayout.ExpandHeight.

Valor de retorno

Rect The rect for the control.


Reserve layout space for a rectangle with a specific aspect ratio.