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public static bool IsPlatformTextureFormatValid (TextureImporterType textureType, BuildTarget target, TextureImporterFormat currentFormat);


textureTypeThe TextureImporterType that the importer uses.
targetThe platform that the setting targets, referred to as the ref::BuilTarget::.
currentFormatThe TextureImporterFormat to validate.

Valor de retorno

bool Returns true if ref::TextureImporterFormat:: is valid and can be set. Returns false otherwise.


Validates ref::TextureImporterFormat:: based on a specified import type (ref::TextureImporterType::) and a specified build target (ref::BuildTarget::.).

Ref::TextureImporterFormat:: is not available for all platforms based on the ref::TextureImporterType:: of a given Texture. Use this method to check that the format set with SetPlatformTextureSettings is a valid format.