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public WebCamTexture ();
public WebCamTexture (int requestedWidth, int requestedHeight, int requestedFPS);
public WebCamTexture (int requestedWidth, int requestedHeight);
public WebCamTexture (string deviceName);
public WebCamTexture (string deviceName, int requestedWidth, int requestedHeight);
public WebCamTexture (string deviceName, int requestedWidth, int requestedHeight, int requestedFPS);


deviceNameThe name of the video input device to be used.
requestedWidthThe requested width of the texture.
requestedHeightThe requested height of the texture.
requestedFPSThe requested frame rate of the texture.


Create a WebCamTexture.

Use WebCamTexture.devices to get a list of the names of available camera devices. If no device name is supplied to the constructor or is passed as a null string, the first device found will be used.

The requested width, height and framerate specified by the parameters may not be supported by the chosen camera. In such cases, the closest available values will be used.

Call Application.RequestUserAuthorization before creating a WebCamTexture.

Note: using webcam texture on Android requires a device running Honeycomb (Android 3.0) or later.

Note: If you want to use a WebCamTexture to play the camera stream from a device connected through Unity Remote, then you must initialize it through use of the constructor. It is not possible to change the device later using WebCamTexture.deviceName from a regular device to a remote device and vice versa.

Note: For camera devices of kind WebCamKind.ColorAndDepth (currently these are only dual back and true depth cameras on latest iOS devices), it is possible to create a WebCamTexture instance to receive depth data using WebCamDevice.depthCameraName as the deviceName. This WebCamTexture always contains one channel and is in half-precision floating point format with distance values in meters.

If required, it is also possible to create a second WebCamTexture instance using as deviceName to receive color data. In this case, both color and depth data will be synchronized.

Currently, iOS supports only limited combinations of color/depth data resolutions. requestedWidth and requestedHeight parameters are ignored, when creating WebCamTexture instances for ColorAndDepth devices. For iPhone 7+/8+ dual back cameras, the size of the WebCamTexture for color data is 1440x1080 and for iPhone X dual back and front true depth cameras, it is 1500x1126. The depth data resolution is always a maximum of 320x240 for iPhone 4+/8+/X dual back cameras and 640x480 for iPhone X front true depth cameras.