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public void GetBoneWeights (List<BoneWeight> boneWeights);


boneWeightsA list of BoneWeight structs to populate.


Gets the bone weights for the Mesh.

Use this method instead of Mesh.boneWeights if you want to avoid allocating a new array with every access.

The bone weight at each index corresponds to the vertex with the same index if this mesh has bone weights defined. Otherwise the list will be empty.

This property uses BoneWeight structs, which represent exactly 4 bone weights per vertex. Within each BoneWeight struct in the array, the bone weights are in descending order and add up to 1. If a vertex is affected by fewer than 4 bones, each of the remaining bone weights must be 0.

To work with more or fewer bone weights per vertex, use the newer Mesh.GetAllBoneWeights and Mesh.SetBoneWeights APIs, which use BoneWeight1 structs.

See Also: Mesh.boneWeights, Mesh.GetAllBoneWeights, Mesh.SetBoneWeights, Mesh.GetBonesPerVertex, ModelImporter.maxBonesPerVertex, QualitySettings.skinWeights, SkinnedMeshRenderer.quality.