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public static void SetGlobalConstantBuffer (int nameID, ComputeBuffer value, int offset, int size);


nameIDThe name of the constant buffer to override.
valueThe ComputeBuffer to override the constant buffer values with, or null to remove binding.
offsetOffset in bytes from the beginning of the ComputeBuffer to bind. Must be a multiple of SystemInfo.MinConstantBufferAlignment, or 0 if that value is 0.
sizeThe number of bytes to bind.


Sets a ComputeBuffer as a named constant buffer for the material.

See Material.SetConstantBuffer for usage. If a constant buffer is bound both globally and per-material, the per-material buffer is used. However, if a constant buffer is bound globally, it overrides all shader parameters in all materials that reside in any constant buffer with the given name. Use this function with special caution, especially when you're using constant buffer names that are commonly used, as it may have unintended effects.