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public static void HandlePrefixLabel (Rect totalPosition, Rect labelPosition, GUIContent label, int id= 0, GUIStyle style= EditorStyles.label);


totalPositionRectangle on the screen to use in total for both the label and the control.
labelPositionRectangle on the screen to use for the label.
labelLabel to show for the control.
idThe unique ID of the control. If none specified, the ID of the following control is used.
styleOptional GUIStyle to use for the label.


Makes a label for some control.

HandlePrefixLabel is like PrefixLabel but allows custom control over the label position by supplying its Rect explicitly. PrefixLabel or HandlePrefixLabel should be used when creating a control with a connected label. It ensures that when the label is clicked, the control will get keyboard focus. For this reason it is important that the same ID is supplied to PrefixLabel or HandlePrefixLabel as to the control itself. It is also possible to not supply a Control ID, in which case the one from the immediately following control is automatically used.