public static Bounds BoundsField (Rect position, Bounds value);
public static Bounds BoundsField (Rect position, GUIContent label, Bounds value);


positionRectangle on the screen to use for the field.
labelOptional label to display above the field.
valueThe value to edit.

Valor de retorno

Bounds The value entered by the user.


Makes Center and Extents field for entering a Bounds.

Bounds field in an Editor Window.

See also Extending the editor.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

// Simple script that shows radius of bounds of selected MeshFilter

class EditorGUILayoutBoundsField : EditorWindow { float radius = 0; Bounds bounds;

[MenuItem("Examples/Show Radius of mesh bounds")] static void Init() { var window = GetWindow<EditorGUILayoutBoundsField>(); window.Show(); }

void OnGUI() { GUILayout.Label("Select a mesh in the Hierarchy view and click 'Capture Bounds'"); EditorGUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); bounds = EditorGUILayout.BoundsField("Mesh bounds:", bounds);

if (GUILayout.Button("Capture Bounds") &amp;&amp; Selection.activeTransform) { MeshFilter meshFilter = Selection.activeTransform.GetComponentInChildren<MeshFilter>(); if (meshFilter) { bounds = meshFilter.sharedMesh.bounds; } } EditorGUILayout.EndHorizontal();

EditorGUILayout.LabelField("Radius:", bounds.size.magnitude.ToString()); if (GUILayout.Button("Close")) { this.Close(); } } }