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public bool SearchAndRemapMaterials (string materialFolderPath);


materialFolderPathThe path to search for matching materials.

Valor de retorno

bool Returns true if any materials have been remapped, otherwise false.


Search the project for matching materials and use them instead of the internal materials.

Unity follows specific naming conventions when importing SpeedTree materials. This allows Unity to search for matching material assets by name.

The materialFolderPath is relative to the project folder, for example "Assets/MyModel Materials".

Throws ArgumentNullException when the path is null and ArgumentException when the file path is empty.

using UnityEditor;

public class MaterialRemapper : AssetPostprocessor { void OnPreprocessModel() { var importer = assetImporter as SpeedTreeImporter; importer.SearchAndRemapMaterials(importer.materialFolderPath); } }