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OnBecameInvisible se llama cuando el objeto ya no es visible por ninguna cámara.

This message is sent to all scripts attached to the renderer. OnBecameVisible and OnBecameInvisible are useful to avoid computations that are only necessary when the object is visible.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { // Disable the behaviour when it becomes invisible... void OnBecameInvisible() { enabled = false; }

// ...and enable it again when it becomes visible. void OnBecameVisible() { enabled = true; } }

Note that object is considered visible when it needs to be rendered in the Scene. It might not be actually visible by any camera, but still need to be rendered for shadows for example. Also, when running in the editor, the Scene view cameras will also cause this function to be called.

See Also: OnBecameVisible, isVisible.