public float Evaluate (float time);
public float Evaluate (float time, float lerpFactor);


timeNormalized time (in the range 0 - 1, where 1 represents 100%) at which to evaluate the curve. This is valid when ParticleSystem.MinMaxCurve.mode is set to ParticleSystemCurveMode.Curve or ParticleSystemCurveMode.TwoCurves.
lerpFactorBlend between the 2 curves/constants (Valid when ParticleSystem.MinMaxCurve.mode is set to ParticleSystemCurveMode.TwoConstants or ParticleSystemCurveMode.TwoCurves).

Valor de retorno

float Calculated curve/constant value.


Manually query the curve to calculate values based on what mode it is in.

The time and lerpFactor parameters will be automatically clamped into the 0-1 range.