Version: 2022.3
public static PackageManager.Requests.ListRequest List ();
public static PackageManager.Requests.ListRequest List (bool offlineMode);
public static PackageManager.Requests.ListRequest List (bool offlineMode, bool includeIndirectDependencies);


offlineMode 指定包管理器是否从远程 Unity 包注册表请求有关项目包的最新信息。当 offlineModetrue 时,包管理器返回的 PackageCollection 中的 PackageInfo 对象包含从本地包缓存获取的信息,这些信息可能已经过时。
includeIndirectDependencies Set to true to include indirect dependencies in the PackageCollection returned by the Package Manager. Indirect dependencies include packages referenced in the manifests of project packages or in the manifests of other indirect dependencies. Set to false to include only the packages listed directly in the project manifest.
Note: The version reported might not match the version requested in the project manifest. For more information, see Dependency and resolution.


ListRequest A ListRequest instance, which you can use to get the PackageCollection representing the packages used in the project from the ListRequest.Result property.



Computes and returns the set of all packages that the project depends on (the resolved dependency graph) without physically downloading or installing any packages. The operation result contains only the resolved dependency graph as a PackageCollection.

List() is an asynchronous operation. Before the operation is complete, you can use the ListRequest instance to monitor the asynchronous operation.

Note: Make sure any other Client operations have completed before calling this method. For more information, see the note on the Client class reference page. See Also: PackageInfo.GetAllRegisteredPackages