Version: 2022.2
public static PackageManager.Requests.AddRequest Add (string identifier);


identifier A string representing the package to be added:

- To install a specific version of a package, use a package identifier ("name@version"). This is the only way to install a pre-release version.
- To install the latest compatible (released) version of a package, specify only the package name.
- To install a git package, specify a git url.
- To install a local package, specify a value in the format "file:/path/to/package/folder".
- To install a local tarball package, specify a value in the format "file:/path/to/package-file.tgz".

ArgumentException is thrown if identifier is null or empty.


AddRequest An AddRequest instance, which you can use to get the PackageInfo representing the package that was added to the project from the AddRequest.Result property.


Adds a package dependency to the project. Requesting a new or different dependency often leads to changing installed packages, but only after the Package Manager constructs a dependency graph to solve any version conflicts. For more information, see Dependency and resolution.

Add() is an asynchronous operation. Before the operation is complete, you can use the AddRequest instance to monitor the asynchronous operation.

注意:在调用此方法之前,需确保其他所有客户端操作均已完成。有关更多信息,请参阅 Client 类参考页中的注意事项。