Version: 2022.1





在运行时为最终光照计算分配多少 CPU 使用率。

How many CPU worker threads to create for Enlighten Realtime Global Illumination lighting calculations in the Player. Increasing this makes the system react faster to changes in lighting at a cost of using more CPU time. The higher the CPU Usage value, the more worker threads are created for solving Enlighten Realtime Global Illumination.

Please note that some platforms will allow all CPUs to be occupied by worker threads whilst some have a max limit:
Xbox One: 4 CPU cores.
PS4: 4 CPU cores.
Android: If the device is a bigLittle architecture, only the little CPUs will be used, otherwise it is CPUs - 1.


Low将可用 CPU 线程的 25% 用作工作线程
Medium将可用 CPU 线程的 50% 用作工作线程
High将可用 CPU 线程的 75% 用作工作线程。
Unlimited将可用 CPU 线程的 100% 用作工作线程