Version: 2021.3


public static void SetManagedStrippingLevel (Build.NamedBuildTarget buildTarget, ManagedStrippingLevel level);
public static void SetManagedStrippingLevel (BuildTargetGroup targetGroup, ManagedStrippingLevel level);


level 所需的托管代码剥离级别。
buildTarget The NamedBuildTarget.


Sets the managed code stripping level for specified build target.

During the build process, Unity strips unused code from your project's managed and dynamically linked libraries. Stripping code results in a much smaller executable but can remove code you'd like to use.

The ManagedStrippingLevel Enum defines the options you can use to specify the rate at which Unity should remove unused code or to disable code stripping altogether.

See Also: GetManagedStrippingLevel, Managed code stripping.

BuildTargetGroup is marked for deprecation in the future. Use NamedBuildTarget instead.