public Vector3 ClosestPoint (Vector3 position);




Vector3 碰撞体上最接近指定位置的点。



此方法计算碰撞体上最接近于 3D 世界位置的点。在以下示例中,closestPoint 是碰撞体上的点,location 是 3D 空间中的点。如果 location 位于碰撞体中,closestPoint 将在内部。

注意:ClosestPointOnBounds 的区别是返回的点实际上位于碰撞体上,而不是在碰撞体的边界上。(bounds 是围绕碰撞体的框形。)

using UnityEngine;

// Note that closestPoint is based on the surface of the collider // and location represents a point in 3d space. // The gizmos work in the editor. // // Create an origin-based cube and give it a scale of (1, 0.5, 3). // Change the BoxCollider size to (0.8, 1.2, 0.8). This means that // collisions will happen when a GameObject gets close to the BoxCollider. // The ShowClosestPoint.cs script shows spheres that display the location // and closestPoint. Try changing the BoxCollider size and the location // values.

// Attach this to a GameObject that has a Collider component attached public class ShowClosestPoint : MonoBehaviour { public Vector3 location;

public void OnDrawGizmos() { var collider = GetComponent<Collider>();

if (!collider) { return; // nothing to do without a collider }

Vector3 closestPoint = collider.ClosestPoint(location);

Gizmos.DrawSphere(location, 0.1f); Gizmos.DrawWireSphere(closestPoint, 0.1f); } }

注意:Physics.ClosestPoint 相同,但不允许传入自定义位置和旋转,而是使用碰撞体的位置。