Version: 2019.4
  • C#


class in UnityEngine.XR

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Class used to override a camera's default background rendering path to instead render a given Texture and/or Material. This will typically be used with images from the color camera for rendering the AR background on mobile devices.


backgroundMaterialThe Material used for AR rendering.
backgroundTextureAn optional Texture used for AR rendering. If this property is not set then the texture set in ARBackgroundRenderer.backgroundMaterial as "_MainTex" is used.
cameraAn optional Camera whose background rendering will be overridden by this class. If this property is not set then the main Camera in the Scene is used.
modeWhen set to ARRenderMode.StandardBackground (default) the camera is not overridden to display the background image. Setting this property to ARRenderMode.MaterialAsBackground will render the texture specified by ARBackgroundRenderer.backgroundMaterial and or ARBackgroundRenderer.backgroundTexture as the background.

Protected Methods

DisableARBackgroundRenderingDisables AR background rendering. This method is called internally but can be overridden by users who wish to subclass ARBackgroundRenderer to customize handling of AR background rendering.


backgroundRendererChangedCalled when any of the public properties of this class have been changed.