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This is an attribute that can be put on methods of NetworkBehaviour classes to allow them to be invoked on clients from a server. Unlike the ClientRpc attribute, these functions are invoked on one individual target client, not all of the ready clients.

[TargetRpc] functions are called by user code on the server, and then invoked on the corresponding client object on the client of the specified NetworkConnection. The arguments to the RPC call are serialized across the network, so that the client function is invoked with the same values as the function on the server. These functions must begin with the prefix "Target" and cannot be static.

The first argument to an TargetRpc function must be a NetworkConnection object.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class Example : NetworkBehaviour { [TargetRpc] public void TargetDoMagic(NetworkConnection target, int extra) { Debug.Log("Magic = " + (123 + extra)); }

[Command] void CmdTest() { TargetDoMagic(connectionToClient, 55); } }

The allowed argument types are;

• Basic type (byte, int, float, string, UInt64, etc)
• Built-in Unity math type (Vector3, Quaternion, etc),
• Arrays of basic types
• Structs containing allowable types
• NetworkIdentity
• NetworkInstanceId
• NetworkHash128
• GameObject with a NetworkIdentity component attached.

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