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public static void Show();
public static void Show(Advertisements.ShowOptions showOptions);
public static void Show(string placementId);
public static void Show(string placementId, Advertisements.ShowOptions showOptions);


placementIdOptional placement identifier. If not specified, your default placement specified in the admin settings will be used.
showOptionsSpecify e.g. callback handler to be called when video has finished.


Show an advertisement in your project.

See Also: IsReady.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Advertisements; // only compile Ads code on supported platforms

public class UnityAdsExample : MonoBehaviour { public void ShowDefaultAd() { #if UNITY_ADS if (!Advertisement.IsReady()) { Debug.Log("Ads not ready for default placement"); return; }

Advertisement.Show(); #endif }

public void ShowRewardedAd() { const string RewardedPlacementId = "rewardedVideo";

#if UNITY_ADS if (!Advertisement.IsReady(RewardedPlacementId)) { Debug.Log(string.Format("Ads not ready for placement '{0}'", RewardedPlacementId)); return; }

var options = new ShowOptions { resultCallback = HandleShowResult }; Advertisement.Show(RewardedPlacementId, options); #endif }

#if UNITY_ADS private void HandleShowResult(ShowResult result) { switch (result) { case ShowResult.Finished: Debug.Log("The ad was successfully shown."); // // YOUR CODE TO REWARD THE GAMER // Give coins etc. break; case ShowResult.Skipped: Debug.Log("The ad was skipped before reaching the end."); break; case ShowResult.Failed: Debug.LogError("The ad failed to be shown."); break; } }

#endif }

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