Windows Store : Project Types

There are four Project Types in Unity Windows Store:

XAML Solutions

These types will generate a solution with XAML code on top. XAML code can be modified after generation.

D3D11 Solutions

These type will generate a project with a single D3D11 window without XAML layer on top. This will give faster performance results, so it is preferred if no XAML layer is needed.

C# Solutions

With C# solution generated you are able to use managed assemblies, such as UnityEngine.dll, Assembly-CSharp.dll, etc.

C++ Solutions

C++ Solutions provide you a possibility to use statically linked libraries.

When you build a Visual Studio solution, Unity will create files like resources, vcproj, xaml, cpp/h files, if you build a project on top of the same directory, all of the files will be overwritten except these:

It is safe for you to modify these files, and if you want to revert to previous state, just remove the file, and build your project on top of the folder.

Note: Unity doesn't modify solution and project files if they already exist on the disk, that means if new files are present in Data folder and your project type is XAML C++ or D3D11 C++ (for ex., if you add a new scene to Unity project, a new file will be added to Data folder), they have to be manually added to the project file, or you could simply delete solution and project files, they will be regenerated. In XAML C# and D3D11 C#, Visual Studio takes the whole Data folder, instead of individual files, so if new file is added to Data folder, it's automatically picked.

Page last updated: 2013-07-03