Windows Store: Getting Started

Currently if you want to build a Windows Store App player, you have to do it on Windows 8, this may change in the future. On Windows Store platform we don't use Mono, we use Microsoft's .NET together with WinRT, because of this major change comparing to other Unity platforms some of the API may not yet work, but ~95% of API does work. Also because we use Microsoft .NET, this will also allow you to debug your scripts with Visual Studio.

Unity will support three Windows Store targets X86, X64 and ARM.

The player log is located under <user>\AppData\Local\Packages\<productname>\TempState.

Things that are not yet supported:

Requirements when targeting Windows SDK 8.0:

Requirements when targeting Windows SDK 8.1:

Before you can proceed you need to acquire Windows 8 developer license, this can be done in two following ways:

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Page last updated: 2013-11-05