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public function Simulate(t: float, withChildren: bool = true, restart: bool = true, fixedTimeStep: bool = true): void;
public void Simulate(float t, bool withChildren = true, bool restart = true, bool fixedTimeStep = true);


t Time period in seconds to advance the ParticleSystem simulation by. If restart is true, the ParticleSystem will be reset to 0 time, and then advanced by this value. If restart is false, the ParticleSystem simulation will be advanced in time from its current state by this value.
withChildren Fastforward all child particle systems as well.
restart Restart and start from the beginning.
fixedTimeStep Only update the system at fixed intervals, based on the value in "Fixed Time" in the Time options.


Fastforwards the particle system by simulating particles over given period of time, then pauses it.

See Also: Play, Pause functions.