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public static var maximumAvailableDiskSpace: long;
public static long maximumAvailableDiskSpace;


The total number of bytes that can potentially be allocated for caching.

This value can be set to a smaller number in order to limit the amount of disk space used by cached AssetBundles.

The WebPlayer shared cache allows up to 50 MiB of cached AssetBundles. PC/Mac Standalone applications and iOS/Android applications have a limit of 4 GiB.

WebPlayer applications that make use of a dedicated cache are limited to the number of bytes specified in the Caching license agreement.

This property does not account for total available disk space. If a user's computer has less available disk space on the drive where the cache is located than maximumAvailableDiskSpace, the full amount of maximumAvailableDiskSpace will not be usable.

Cache storage is allocated on an as-needed basis in order to minimize disk space usage.

NB: This property value is only valid on WebPlayer builds. Other platforms will report an incorrect value. Web player is not supported from 5.4.0 and beyond.