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public static function FlipLayoutOnAxis(rect: RectTransform, axis: int, keepPositioning: bool, recursive: bool): void;
public static void FlipLayoutOnAxis(RectTransform rect, int axis, bool keepPositioning, bool recursive);


rect The RectTransform to flip.
keepPositioning Flips around the pivot if true. Flips within the parent rect if false.
recursive Flip the children as well?
axis The axis to flip along. 0 is horizontal and 1 is vertical.


Flips the alignment of the RectTransform along the horizontal or vertical axis, and optionally its children as well.

This flips the alignment of the RectTransform. Any actual content such as images or text will not be flipped but may aligned differently. An example usage is to instantiate a control designed in a left to right manner (like a horizontal slider where 0 is to the left) and flip it horizontally so the layout becomes suitable for use in the opposite direction (like a horizontal slider where 0 is to the right).

When used with the recursive argument set to true, the children are always flipped with the keepPositioning option set to false so that they properly follow the flip of the parent.