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public void OnTitleBarGUI();


Use this function to override drawing the title for the SettingsProvider using IMGUI. This allows you to add custom UI (such as a toolbar button) next to the title. AssetSettingsProvider uses this mecanism to display the "add to preset" and the "help" buttons.

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UIElements;
using EditorStyles = UnityEditor.EditorStyles;

class SimpleIMGUISettingsProvider : SettingsProvider { SerializedObject m_Settings; const string k_MyCustomSettingsPath = "Assets/Editor/MyCustomSettings.asset"; public SimpleIMGUISettingsProvider(string path, SettingsScope scope = SettingsScope.User) : base(path, scope) {}

public override void OnGUI(string searchContext) { // Use IMGUI to display UI: EditorGUILayout.PropertyField(m_Settings.FindProperty("m_Number"), new GUIContent("My Number")); EditorGUILayout.PropertyField(m_Settings.FindProperty("m_SomeString"), new GUIContent("Some string")); }

public override void OnTitleBarGUI() { // This button appears right after the Title of the currently selected SettingsProvider: if (GUILayout.Button("Help!", EditorStyles.miniButton)) { Debug.Log("You are on your own."); } } }

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