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public string label;


Gets or sets the display name of the SettingsProvider as it appears in the Settings window. If not set, the Settings window uses last token of SettingsProvider.settingsPath instead.

using UnityEditor;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UIElements;

class SettingsProviderExamples { void CreateVariousSettingsProviders() { // New Project setting that appears in its own root section (MyOwnSection) and not grouped under all the core settings. var p = new SettingsProvider("MyOwnSection/MySettings", SettingsScope.Project); // here p.label == "MySettings"

// First parameter is a unique id used to place the Settings in the tree view. // If a label is specified, this becomes the display name of the SettingsProvider. var p2 = new SettingsProvider("MyOwnSection/MySettingsOfDoom", SettingsScope.Project) { label = "A more proper Settings Name" };

// Second parameter is the Scope of the SettingsProvider. It determines whether this SettingsProvider appears in the // Settings window (used for Project settings specified with SettingsScope.Project) // or if it appears in the Preferences window (when specified with SettingsScope.User) var p3 = new SettingsProvider("Preferences/Multi touch", SettingsScope.User); } }

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