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class in UnityEngine.Timeline

Implements interfaces:ISerializationCallbackReceiver

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Represents a clip on the timeline.


animationClipAn AnimationClip containing animated parameters.
assetReference to a serializable IPlayableAsset representing the specialization of the clip.
clipCapsFeature capabilities supported by this clip.
clipInTime to start playing the clip at.
durationThe length in seconds of the clip.
endThe end time of the clip.
extrapolatedDurationThe length of the clip including extrapolation.
extrapolatedStartThe start time of the clip when extrapolation is considered.
hasBlendInDoes the clip have blend in?
hasBlendOutDoes the clip have a non-zero blend out?
hasPostExtrapolationIs the clip being extrapolated past it's end time?
hasPreExtrapolationIs the clip being extrapolated before it's start time?
parentTrackReturns the parent track where this clip is attached.
postExtrapolationModeThe extrapolation mode for time beyond the end of the clip.
preExtrapolationModeThe extrapolation mode for the time before the start of the clip.
startThe start time of the clip.
timeScaleThe time scale of the clip.

Public Methods

ToLocalTimeConverts from global time to a clips local time.
ToLocalTimeUnboundConverts from global time to a clips local time, ignoring extrapolation.

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