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public static void BlitMultiTap(Texture source, RenderTexture dest, Material mat, params Vector2[] offsets);


sourceSource texture.
destDestination RenderTexture, or null to blit directly to screen.
matMaterial to use for copying. Material's shader should do some post-processing effect.
offsetsVariable number of filtering offsets. Offsets are given in pixels.


Copies source texture into destination, for multi-tap shader.

This is mostly used for implementing some post-processing effects. For example, Gaussian or iterative Cone blurring samples source texture at multiple different locations.

BlitMultiTap sets dest to be active render texture, sets source as _MainTex property on the material, and draws a full-screen quad. Each vertex of the quad has multiple texture coordinates set up, offset by offsets pixels.

BlitMultiTap has the same limitations as Graphics.Blit.

See Also: Graphics.Blit, post-processing effects.

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