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public void OnLobbyServerPlayersReady();


This is called on the server when all the players in the lobby are ready.

The default implementation of this function uses ServerChangeScene() to switch to the game player scene. By implementing this callback you can customize what happens when all the players in the lobby are ready, such as adding a countdown or a confirmation for a group leader.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class GuiLobby : NetworkLobbyManager { float countTimer = 0;

public override void OnLobbyServerPlayersReady() { countTimer = Time.time + 5; }

void Update() { if (countTimer == 0) return;

if (Time.time > countTimer) { countTimer = 0; ServerChangeScene(playScene); } else { Debug.Log("Counting down " + (countTimer - Time.time)); } } }

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