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public bool SendWriter(Networking.NetworkWriter writer, int channelId);


writerWriter object containing data to send.
channelIdQoS channel to send data on.


bool True if data successfully sent.


This sends the contents of the NetworkWriter's buffer to the connected server on the specified channel.

The format of the data in the writer must be properly formatted for it to be processed as a message by the server. The functions StartMessage() and FinishMessage() can be used to properly format messages:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class TestClient { public NetworkClient client;

public const int RegisterHostMsgId = 888;

public void RegisterHost(string name) { NetworkWriter writer = new NetworkWriter(); writer.StartMessage(RegisterHostMsgId); writer.Write(name); writer.FinishMessage();

client.SendWriter(writer, Channels.DefaultReliable); } }

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