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protected bool ValidateCertificate(byte[] certificateData);


certificateDataCertificate data in PEM or DER format. If certificate data contains multiple certificates, the first one is the leaf certificate.


bool true if the certificate should be accepted, false if not.


Callback, invoked for each leaf certificate sent by the remote server.

Override this to implement a custom certificate validation scheme.

using UnityEngine.Networking;
using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates;

// Based on https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Certificate_and_Public_Key_Pinning#.Net class AcceptAllCertificatesSignedWithASpecificKeyPublicKey : CertificateHandler { // Encoded RSAPublicKey private static string PUB_KEY = "30818902818100C4A06B7B52F8D17DC1CCB47362" + "C64AB799AAE19E245A7559E9CEEC7D8AA4DF07CB0B21FDFD763C63A313A668FE9D764E" + "D913C51A676788DB62AF624F422C2F112C1316922AA5D37823CD9F43D1FC54513D14B2" + "9E36991F08A042C42EAAEEE5FE8E2CB10167174A359CEBF6FACC2C9CA933AD403137EE" + "2C3F4CBED9460129C72B0203010001";

protected override bool ValidateCertificate(byte[] certificateData) { X509Certificate2 certificate = new X509Certificate2(certificateData); string pk = certificate.GetPublicKeyString(); if (pk.Equals(PUB_KEY)) return true;

// Bad dog return false; } }

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