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Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


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public bool ComputeDirectionalShadowMatricesAndCullingPrimitives(int activeLightIndex, int splitIndex, int splitCount, Vector3 splitRatio, int shadowResolution, float shadowNearPlaneOffset, out Matrix4x4 viewMatrix, out Matrix4x4 projMatrix, out Experimental.Rendering.ShadowSplitData shadowSplitData);


activeLightIndexThe index into the active light array.
splitIndexThe cascade index.
splitCountThe number of cascades.
splitRatioThe cascade ratios.
shadowResolutionThe resolution of the shadowmap.
shadowNearPlaneOffsetThe near plane offset for the light.
viewMatrixThe computed view matrix.
projMatrixThe computed projection matrix.
shadowSplitDataThe computed cascade data.


bool If false, the shadow map for this cascade does not need to be rendered this frame.


Calculates the view and projection matrices and shadow split data for a directional light.

See Also: ShadowSplitData.

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