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public var richText: bool;
public bool richText;


Enable HTML-style tags for Text Formatting Markup.

Supported tags are:
<color="htmlcolor">colored text</color>, where "htmlcolor" is a html color string, like "#ff0000" or "red".
<b>bold text</b>
<i>italic text</i>
<size=20>sized text</size>
<material=1>render using custom material index</material>
<quad material=1 size=20 x=0.1 y=0.1 width=0.5 height=0.5/>, to render a single quad using the given material and UVs, used for embedding images in text.
These are only supported for fonts set to use dynamic font rendering, except for the 'color', 'material' and 'quad' tags.

GetComponent.<TextMesh>().richText = true;
no example available in C#

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