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public var x: float;
public float x;


X component of the Quaternion. Don't modify this directly unless you know quaternions inside out.

no example available in JavaScript
//Create three Sliders (Create>UI>Slider) and three Text GameObjects (Create>UI>Text). These are for manipulating the x, y, and z values of the Quaternion. The text will act as a label for each Slider, so position them appropriately.
//Attach this script to a GameObject.
//Click on the GameObject and attach each of the Sliders and Texts to the fields in the Inspector.

//This script shows how the numbers placed into the x, y, and z components of a Quaternion effect the GameObject when the w component is left at 1. //Use the Sliders to see the effects.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { //These are the floats for the x, y, and z components of the quaternion float m_MyX, m_MyY, m_MyZ; //These are the Sliders that set the rotation. Remember to assign these in the Inspector public Slider m_SliderX, m_SliderY, m_SliderZ; //These are the Texts that output the current value of the rotations. Remember to assign these in the Inspector public Text m_TextX, m_TextY, m_TextZ;

// Use this for initialization void Start() { //Initialise the x, y, and z components of the future Quaternion m_MyX = 0; m_MyY = 0; m_MyZ = 0;

//Set all the sliders max values to 1 so the Quaternion values don't go over 1 m_SliderX.maxValue = 1; m_SliderY.maxValue = 1; m_SliderZ.maxValue = 1;

//Set all the sliders min values to -1 so the Quaternion values don't go under 1 m_SliderX.minValue = -1; m_SliderY.minValue = -1; m_SliderZ.minValue = -1; }

//Change the Quaternion values depending on the values of the Sliders private static Quaternion Change(float x, float y, float z) { //Return the new Quaternion return new Quaternion(x, y , z, 1); }

void Update() { //Update the x, y and z values to that of the sliders m_MyX = m_SliderX.value; m_MyY = m_SliderY.value; m_MyZ = m_SliderZ.value; //Output the current values of x, y, and z m_TextX.text = " X : " + m_MyX; m_TextY.text = " Y : " + m_MyY; m_TextZ.text = " Z : " + m_MyZ;

//Rotate the GameObject by the new Quaternion transform.rotation = Change(m_MyX, m_MyY, m_MyZ); } }

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