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public static method GetCustomBakeResults(results: Vector4[]): bool;
public static bool GetCustomBakeResults(Vector4[] results);


resultsThe unnormalized amount of sky visibility for the input points (in xyz). The w component is the fraction of rays that strike backfaces.


bool True if the results were retrieved. False if there is no data available or the results array does not match the number of points in the bake.


Retrieve the custom bake results.

The custom bake calculates the amount of sky visible from the input sample points. The value is computed by shooting rays on the upper hemisphere above each point and the result is the fraction of samples that reach the sky in a direct line from each position (accounting for transparency). Each ray is offset by the value specified in the w component of the input. The result value is a single floating point number and is stored in (xyz) and will be unnormalized. The value can be normalized by dividing with the number of samples used for the custom bake. The w component of the result represent the fraction of samples that strike a backface and can be used to detect samples that lie inside geometry (i.e. they will have a high w value). The data can be used in a custom shader to account for sky visibility on objects that are difficult to bake such as trees and foliage. This way points that lie within the crown of a tree for example will become darker since fewer rays will escape to the sky.

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