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public method EraseSwapBack(index: int): void;
public void EraseSwapBack(int index);


indexThe index of the entry to erase.


Erase a given bounding sphere by moving the final sphere on top of it.

This method also keeps the visibility information correctly synchronized, such that the correct onBecameVisible/onBecameInvisible callbacks will still be sent.

public static method EraseSwapBack(index: int, myArray: T[], ref size: int): void;
public static void EraseSwapBack(int index, T[] myArray, ref int size);


indexThe index of the entry to erase.
myArrayAn array of entries.
sizeThe number of entries in the array that are actually used.


Erase a given entry in an arbitrary array by copying the final entry on top of it, then decrementing the number of entries used by one.

This method is designed to be used in conjunction with the other overload, for updating your own data arrays when an entry is deleted.

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