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ContextMenu Constructor

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public ContextMenu(itemName: string)
public ContextMenu(string itemName);
public ContextMenu(itemName: string, isValidateFunction: bool)
public ContextMenu(string itemName, bool isValidateFunction);
public ContextMenu(itemName: string, isValidateFunction: bool, priority: int)
public ContextMenu(string itemName, bool isValidateFunction, int priority);


itemNameThe name of the context menu item.
isValidateFunctionWhether this is a validate function (defaults to false).
priorityPriority used to override the ordering of the menu items (defaults to 1000000). The lower the number the earlier in the menu it will appear.


Adds the function to the context menu of the component.

In the inspector of the attached script. When the user selects the context menu, the function will be executed.

This is most useful for automatically setting up scene data from the script. The function has to be non-static.

 @ContextMenu ("Do Something")
    function DoSomething () {
        Debug.Log ("Perform operation");
 // C# example:
    class ContextTesting : MonoBehaviour {
        /// Add a context menu named "Do Something" in the inspector
        /// of the attached script.
        [ContextMenu ("Do Something")]
        void DoSomething () {
            Debug.Log ("Perform operation");

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