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The platform application is running. Returned by Application.platform.

Note: The difference between using RuntimePlatform and Platform dependent Compilation is that using RuntimePlatform is evaluated at runtime while Platform dependent Compilation is evaluated at compile time. So if you can use platform dependent compilation, don't hesitate to use it. In most cases, you can get the same functionality using both, and using the defines will produce smaller and faster code, as you don't need to check at runtime. There are some cases where RuntimePlatform is needed at runtime.


OSXEditorIn the Unity editor on macOS.
OSXPlayerIn the player on macOS.
WindowsPlayerIn the player on Windows.
WindowsEditorIn the Unity editor on Windows.
IPhonePlayerIn the player on the iPhone.
AndroidIn the player on Android devices.
LinuxPlayerIn the player on Linux.
LinuxEditorIn the Unity editor on Linux.
WebGLPlayerIn the player on WebGL
WSAPlayerX86In the player on Windows Store Apps when CPU architecture is X86.
WSAPlayerX64In the player on Windows Store Apps when CPU architecture is X64.
WSAPlayerARMIn the player on Windows Store Apps when CPU architecture is ARM.
TizenPlayerIn the player on Tizen.
PSP2In the player on the PS Vita.
PS4In the player on the Playstation 4.
XboxOneIn the player on Xbox One.
SamsungTVPlayerIn the player on Samsung Smart TV.
WiiUIn the player on Wii U.
tvOSIn the player on the Apple's tvOS.
SwitchIn the player on Nintendo Switch.

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