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public static method GetApplicationIdentifier(targetGroup: BuildTargetGroup): string;
public static string GetApplicationIdentifier(BuildTargetGroup targetGroup);


Get the application identifier for the specified platform.

The location of the application identifier in the build output depends on the platform build target. On iOS, tvOS and Mac OS X platforms, the identifier is written to the 'CFBundleIdentifier' field in the info.plist file. This file is created and placed in the build output folder when the Unity project is built. Additionally, on Mac OS X, the bundle identifier can be found in the info.plist file in the final .app file, after finishing the Xcode build process. On Android the identifier is saved to the 'package' field in the AndroidManifest.xml file. Tizen works just like Android, except the manifest is tizen-manifest.xml instead of AndroidManifest.xml.

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