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Script interface for the Collision module.


bounceHow much force is applied to each particle after a collision.
bounceMultiplierChange the bounce multiplier.
colliderForceHow much force is applied to a Collider when hit by particles from this Particle System.
collidesWithControl which layers this particle system collides with.
dampenHow much speed is lost from each particle after a collision.
dampenMultiplierChange the dampen multiplier.
enabledEnable/disable the Collision module.
enableDynamicCollidersAllow particles to collide with dynamic colliders when using world collision mode.
lifetimeLossHow much a particle's lifetime is reduced after a collision.
lifetimeLossMultiplierChange the lifetime loss multiplier.
maxCollisionShapesThe maximum number of collision shapes that will be considered for particle collisions. Excess shapes will be ignored. Terrains take priority.
maxKillSpeedKill particles whose speed goes above this threshold, after a collision.
maxPlaneCountThe maximum number of planes it is possible to set as colliders.
minKillSpeedKill particles whose speed falls below this threshold, after a collision.
modeChoose between 2D and 3D world collisions.
multiplyColliderForceByCollisionAngleIf true, the collision angle is considered when applying forces from particles to Colliders.
multiplyColliderForceByParticleSizeIf true, particle sizes are considered when applying forces to Colliders.
multiplyColliderForceByParticleSpeedIf true, particle speeds are considered when applying forces to Colliders.
qualitySpecifies the accuracy of particle collisions against colliders in the scene.
radiusScaleA multiplier applied to the size of each particle before collisions are processed.
sendCollisionMessagesSend collision callback messages.
typeThe type of particle collision to perform.
voxelSizeSize of voxels in the collision cache.

Public Methods

GetPlaneGet a collision plane associated with this particle system.
SetPlaneSet a collision plane to be used with this particle system.

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