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struct in UnityEngine.SceneManagement

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Run-time data structure for *.unity file.


buildIndexReturns the index of the scene in the Build Settings. Always returns -1 if the scene was loaded through an AssetBundle.
isDirtyReturns true if the scene is modifed.
isLoadedReturns true if the scene is loaded.
nameReturns the name of the scene.
pathReturns the relative path of the scene. Like: "Assets/MyScenes/MyScene.unity".
rootCountThe number of root transforms of this scene.

Public Functions

GetRootGameObjectsReturns all the root game objects in the scene.
IsValidWhether this is a valid scene. A scene may be invalid if, for example, you tried to open a scene that does not exist. In this case, the scene returned from EditorSceneManager.OpenScene would return False for IsValid.


operator !=Returns true if the Scenes are different.
operator ==Returns true if the Scenes are equal.

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