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public var baseUri: Uri;
public Uri baseUri;


The base URI of the MatchMaker that this NetworkMatch will communicate with.

The default address for the MatchMaker is mm.unet.unity3d.com Using this address will connect a client to the nearest datacenter geographically. However, because data centers are siloed from each other you will only see matches occuring inside your current data center. If a player of your game is traveling to another part of the world, for instance, they may interact with a different set of players that are in that data center. You can override this behavior by specifying a particular data center. Keep in mind generally as distance grows so does latency, which is why we run data centers spread out over the world.

To connect to a specific data center use one of the following addresses:

United States: us1-mm.unet.unity3d.com Europe: eu1-mm.unet.unity3d.com Singapore: ap1-mm.unet.unity3d.com.

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