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static function ScaleSlider(scale: float, position: Vector3, direction: Vector3, rotation: Quaternion, size: float, snap: float): float;
static float ScaleSlider(float scale, Vector3 position, Vector3 direction, Quaternion rotation, float size, float snap);
static def ScaleSlider(scale as float, position as Vector3, direction as Vector3, rotation as Quaternion, size as float, snap as float) as float


scaleThe value the user can modify.
positionThe position of the handle.
directionThe direction of the handle.
rotationThe rotation of whole object.
sizeThe size of the handle.
snapThe new value after the user has modified it.

Note: Use HandleUtility.GetHandleSize where you might want to have constant screen-sized handles.


Make a directional scale slider.

Scale slider handle in the Scene View.

	// Increase/decrease a value just by moving the Scale slider Handle
	@CustomEditor (FreeScale)
	class FreeScaleHandleJS extends Editor {
		function OnSceneGUI () {
	        target.val = Handles.ScaleSlider(target.val, 
	        if (GUI.changed)
	            EditorUtility.SetDirty (target);

And the script attached to this handle:

	// FreeScale.js
	@script ExecuteInEditMode()
	var val : float = 1;
	function Update () {
		Debug.Log("Value tied to the slider: " + val);
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