Windows Store Apps: Code snippets

Windows Store Apps: Examples


  • Shows how to communicate between Unity and Windows Store App, see Readme.txt file.


  • Example showing how to use native DLLs on Windows Store Apps. Example produces two Plugins.dll with same functionality - one for Desktop and the other one for Windows Store Apps, when you test your plugin in Editor - Desktop plugin is used, when you test a Window Store App - the other Plugins.dll is used.


  • Example showing how to use Settings menu together with Unity, it also shows how to communicate between UI thread and application thread.


  • Example showing how to use WSA live tiles API.


  • Example showing how to start application with XAML page not containing Unity window. Basically you have two XAML pages - StartPage.xaml and MainPage.xaml, StartPage.xaml is the initial window from where you can navigate to MainPage.xaml containing Unity window.
Windows Store Apps: Code snippets